Friday, 3 January 2014

Part 3- Melbourne

A trip to Australia wouldn't be complete without some wildlife shots! Visited a small farmhouse with some animals. Aryan loved it and we finally got to see some live Kangaroos(saw lots of Roadkill!!!)
Pics are a random assortment of what we saw.

Arrived in Melbourne and met some close friends after many years. He's a GP near melbourne and got talking about our Health Systems. He was surprised to hear how much non clinical stuff we GPs in UK have to do and was also shocked to hear that we have no system of checking for eligibility. In Australia no one gets through without a Medicare card. I was surprised to hear that they have literally next to no admin work to do. Seemed a very relaxed and clinically driven environment to work in. 15 min appointments, no telephone triage, visits etc. If you choose to work at weekends or OOHs you get paid 1.5-2 times regular rates. What's not to like? Why I wonder do we choose to performance manage GPs and lumber them with mountains and paperwork and then complain that they do not spend enough time treating patients?
Melbourne Skyline

With my friend took the Great ocean Drive to the 12 Apostles. Stayed at Apollo Bay and visited Lorne. Pretty seaside resorts both. Lorne is popular with 'Schoolies' and they were out in force when we arrived. Enjoyed the cafe lifestyle and Aryan loved the beach and play facilities that all Australian cities seem to have. Stayed in another lovely apartment.
12 Apostles

The Apartment at Apollo Bay
After that it was back to blighty unfortnately. Our trip gave us plenty to mull over. The lifestyle and opportunities on offer were hard to overlook and the Health System and job offers were equally tough to ignore.  Having found family and friends there too was an added bonus.

Waiting to board the A380 didn't seem glamorous anymore the second time round. More like cattle waiting to be herded onto a lorry!
Waiting to Board at Melbourne Airport
Next blog- The Big Question. To emigrate or not?

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