Saturday, 28 December 2013

Part 2 of Australian Adventure- Sydney to The Gold Coast

Drove from Sydney to Surfer's Paradise along the Pacific Highway. Distances are in Kms but the speed limit was 90 Km/Hr and in many places there was construction going on to build bypasses  avoiding towns and temporary speed limit of  70km/hr were in place.

Wherever possible we took the designated scenic routes;  so we took our time- the whole point of driving! We had a Holden Commodore- an Aussie built 'large car'. 3.6lt Aussie muscle-very comfortable and great suspension for the roads and a huge boot which easily swallowed our luggage and baby stuff. We were very impressed with the  car- sad to hear its ceasing production soon. A couple of Aussie Motel owners were very impressed that I had chosen to rent one of these.

Must mention the highway- everyone follows the speed limit. 90km/hr means just that. Signs warn 'Speed cameras anywhere, anytime' and Police hand out on the spot penalties and fines. Saw some patrol cars but even on deserted roads everyone stuck to the legal limit. Made for a much more relaxed driving experience. In fact everywhere we went people were much more law abiding. No graffiti, litter, drinking on the beaches or public places etc. Again we were impressed and it was noticeable on a short stay. Nor did it feel oppressive like a police state.

Nambucca Heads on the Pacific highway

View from Motel
A typical Aussie motel- room with separate kitchen and a balcony. Much easier to live in than a typical hotel room especially with Aryan. He always had space to play and run around. In the little Gazebo was a BBQ and the owners were very friendly and helpful- again an Aussie trait if Motel Owners are anything to go by

Aparthotel Q1 Resort, Surfer's Paradise- Very swish!

View from 21st Floor Balcony

At the Beach Surfer's Paradise
Q1 Resort Pool
View from the Observation Deck on the  78th Floor
So, we loved the drive and arriving in Surfer's Paradise and especially the apartment at Q1 Resort was magical. 

The promised lifestyle and weather were all present in abundance and its easy to see why people fall in love with the place. We returned not via the pacific highway but on the inner roads which were better in many ways. After a short stay in Kiama which was highly recommended by my cousin we headed on to Melbourne to visit friends and from there to the 12 Apostles and then sadly back home to blighty!
Part 3- Melbourne

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