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10/01/2018 Extract from report published in General Practitioner:

Alarming shortage of GPs- an analysis by RACGP
In 2015 the ToeKnee Abbutt Govt introduced what it called Medicare Plus with much fanfare. This was a blended payment scheme to replace the Fee For Service (FFS) that had served Australians so well till then. Analysis reveals that this has had some alarming consequences on training and retaining of GPs.
As money was pored into capitation to improve health outcomes GP principals suddenly saw their incomes jump. Those on the verge of retiring decided to stay on longer. Those that did retire were replaced not by other GPs but by Nurses and other members of staff as capitation now allowed nurses to provide a source of income to practices. There are now close to 500 ECPs (extended scope practitioners) and 700 Physicians' Assistants. Newly qualified GPs were offered salaried positions only and often not very well paid ones.A large portion of medical graduates are choosing hospital specialities or emigrating.
The RACGP is calling for urgent boost in numbers of GP training posts as a work force crisis looms.....

08/04/2019: Report by Institute of Chartered Accountants

Amongst the highest paid professionals were GPs. They also bucked the national trend with a rise in income over last 5 years that was significantly higher than inflation rate.
A typical GP income is now $487,000...

02/12/2019: Mike Munro reporting from somewhere in the Yemen

Coalition forces are engaged in fierce battle with the local militia groups. As casualties mount on both sides, the demands from Australia's allies to commit ground forces intensifies. It seems only a matter of time...

12/12/2019: Shadow Health Secretary Pamela Murdoch-Andersen on the steps of Parliament

A typical Aussie soldier who lays down his life for his fellow Australians in the Sahara desert in Yemen earns less than fifty thousand dollars. Yet the ToeKnee government has seen it fit to rob Australians and plunder the health budget at the expense of our nations defence. Our troops fight with nothing more than bayonets as our greedy GPs get richer. I say NO MORE TOEKNEE! (loud cheers from the crowds)

12/12/2019: Interview of Dr Laver in his plush 188th Floor Apartment in the Emirate of Fujeirah Published in The Australian

Interviewer: Looks like you're living the dream here. Any regrets?
Dr: smiles and points to the window- You must be joking! I love it here

Interviewer: You've been here 10 months. Ever thought of going back?
Dr: No way! Why would I want to go back? No one respects what we do there. We are everyone's favourite whipping boys and the profession is in tatters. Here, we are appreciated for our skills and the salaries reflect our years of hard work and dedication. There are more than 300 Ozzie GPs here and I understand the number in the UAE is closer to the 1000 mark...

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